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The possibilities to gain success might be infinite when one decides to run a business, but as we all know, to be able to start a business at the first place is definitely not something easy .

You’ll have to face various trivial issues and complicated procedures, such as business, water and electricity registration, renovation of working space, the purchase of office equipment and recruitment of staff, all these add up to the cost of starting a business, can easily cause people to give up their entrepreneurship dream.
But have you ever wonder that in this era of shared resources, you no longer have to go through hassles or have a big budget to become a entrepreneur and own your very own business.

All you have to do is bring along your laptop and walk into our spacious Winspace Coworking Space today, to begin with the path of building your own business!


Why ChooseWinspace

Strategic Location

Located at the center of the Iskandar area, whether you are traveling south from another state to Johor Bahru, or if you have a local business here in Johor, Winspace will be the perfect location for you and your business partner to meet and work. It saves you time and cost, at the same time allows you to carry out business meeting efficiently.

Fully Furnished Office

What are the basic office equipment required for work? Whatever you need? We have everything!

You can choose to work in an exclusive private space with personal desk, or just sit with your legs crossed on a soft sofa, Winspace provides you with high speed internet and Wifi access. You can also feel free to use the document scanner, photocopier, fax, printer and other various equipment available here.

While you are busy working, fret not! The reception desk staff here will lend a hand in receiving your visitors.

Tired? Then take a break, the pantry comes with unlimited supply of refreshing drink and snacks.

If you want to share your ideas with the crowd or organize an event, Winspace conference hall can accommodate 60 people at once, so you can enjoy expressing your ideas freely here!

Business Networking

When venturing into entrepreneurship, it’s not capability, education or wealth that matters the most, one of the crucial factor to gain success is to expand the network of contacts, so to create the basis for the business.

Working in Winspace shared office might just provides you the opportunities to meet fellow entrepreneurs, who might be sharing the same dreams and ideals as yours.
Through this shared platform, you have the opportunity to meet talents from various fields, and even establish connection with different business circles. '

The establishment of interpersonal networking would certainly assist you in further grasping the market and trends, even to gain chances of resource integration which could further expand your business.

And thus in Winspace, we believe that on the route to build your own business kingdom, you are not alone.

Value for money

We do not measure profit and loss in terms of price, because your success is absolutely important. Therefore, we provide you a flexible working space of strategic location, that comes with complete facilities and services, a five-star atmosphere with potential networking of professional.

All you have to do is spend a minimum of RM3.50 on Winspace rental to create new business opportunities.


Winspace Shared Office
Unlocking New Opportunities

Minimum of RM3.50

All you have to do is spend a minimum of RM3.50 on Winspace rental to create new business opportunities.


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