Our Vision

Won the global real estate business integration concept,
to provide integrity, professional operational philosophy,
heritage firm pragmatic.

Our Mission

Continuation of real estate investment vitality,
start financial freedom and sustainability!

About Us

Adhere to the road of decent management, is our business has always been to maintain the initial concept. Winzia International in 2013, uphold the self-encouragement, to promote "good" mode of sharing, sharing with the industry experience, and establish the winner in the Malaysian international market quality health brand image.

Robust, our company is most concerned about the growth of links. Partner screening is the threshold of our strict checks. The characteristics of industry professionals include: professional market analysis, Octavia situation information, listen to each customer's different needs, but also need is the intimate service. To our many years of market analysis and understanding of the excellent operation of the business, the company in the selection process of each partner are trained and tested by a number of instructors.

Tripartite standing, a good image with the industry, in exchange for the development of the industry's trust and love. Winzia International was commissioned in 2014 to be the premier partner of several well-known Malaysian developers. Winzia International also introduced the company's core partners to enhance the company's business growth and the professional advancement of its agents. Based on the sound footsteps in Malaysia, after a few years left foot and the industry left a brilliant record, indeed the company has entered the industry in another major milestone.

Feedback is our commitment to every customer, but also our partners for each of the most important values, it is our responsibility to society. In the future, the company will make every effort to build, establish, faithful and to grow with our customers


Professional is our foundation, analysis is our tool, cultivation leaders is our responsibility.
Provide excellent training, to create the ideal working environment, the completion of each partner's dream, is the driving force WINZIA.
Listen carefully to every customer needs, professional analysis of each customer's needs, to provide the best quality choice, This is what our team cares about.


We are not the same as others, we put your future, on the front of the company.

Do not have to worry about not keep up, because we have a complete training program.

How much of your heart, how much of your stage!

Join us because of our vision to achieve the future you want




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